Compete Elite Teen Gauntlet Teams up with Conquest Events to Bring Elite Fitness to Teenagers

3 MAY, 2018

Houston, Texas – The Complete Elite Teen Gauntlet event—a premier event for CrossFit teens—is relying on SweatWorks’ Conquest Events to run their registration and leaderboard for the second time.

Registration information can be found here.

“I have always believed that it is easier to instill healthy behaviors and values during your youngers years. We are excited to be partnering with the Complete Elite Teen Gauntlet again this year and help promote a healthy lifestyle with a world-class competition for teens,” said SweatWorks owner Mohammed Iqbal.

Though there are dozens of fitness competitions that cater to CrossFit athletes, the teen market is much less saturated, to the point of being slim pickings for many up-and-coming high school-aged athletes.

Providing much-needed opportunities for teens was the impetus behind the Teen Gauntlet Event, explained 26-year-old Connor Martin, who also founded the company Compete Elite, which provides programming to competitive CrossFit athletes.

Two years later, the event has become a world-wide test of fitness for anyone between the ages of 12 and 17. It begins with an online qualifier that runs from June 4th to June 18th, and a live event on August 18th in Houston, TX. There are both scaled and Rx divisions for men and women.

For Martin, running an event just for teens was a no-brainer. CrossFit has been a huge part of who he is for more than half his life: He started training when he was just 12 years old when his parents, Jeff and Mikki Martin, the owners of The BrandX Method—then CrossFit Kids—introduced him to the sport. It helped shape him in his formative years, he explained, and he’s excited to provide an opportunity for current teenagers to experience the same.

“I was so impressed watching the teenagers at the (CrossFit) Games this summer. But since there’s so much to watch in the individual competition, the teens end up getting overlooked and almost become a sideshow not many people pay attention to,” he said.

He added: “I think it’s important that teens get more exposure so everyone can see how amazing they are, so I want this to become the event that showcases how great these teens are. It’s designed to highlight just teens. It’s their show.”

Conquest Events is equally as excited to be involved. There is nothing “teen” about the event event or its production quality.  These teens will be leverage our best-in-class technology before, during and after the event.

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