The Most Advanced Media Platform on the Planet

4 Ways to Search

Only platform to offer multi-layered tagging technology to deliver the most content

By Zone

Search by Zone or Area

By Bib

We integrate with RFID and BIB recognition technologies

By Time

Search by Time

By Face

Facial Recognition

We are the only platform that has the ability to combine event photos taken by event photographers with UGC (User Generated Content) photo taken by event goers through an event app. As a result, we deliver the most content compared to any other platform. We make searching fun and quick through our “find yourself” selfie system.


Virtually every aspect of the platform can be customized to match your brand. Our platform has been integrated in web sites, apps and social media campaigns.


Conquest Events Photos provides insightful analytics by events to provide measurable metrics on engagement that can be used to to bring value to the event and its partners.

Fully Sponsorable platform

Our platform is built to deliver maximum reach and engagement for events and their partners.

Real-Time Events photos watermarking of event photos!

Our platform does not require any pre-processing of photos. Watermarks can be added and updated in a few seconds at anytime.

Partner Opportunities

Partner branding can be added for the entire image gallery and/or per zone. Media content can also be gated behind a capture wall such as email or social login.

Completely mobile
and delivering all the features to make for a viral event.

Completely mobile
and delivering all the features to make for a viral event.


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