Woman who “absolutely can’t afford CrossFit” books 6-week trip to Australia

After completing an introductory session at a local CrossFit gym, Morgan White found herself discouraged.

“I was so excited to join and to actually get fit, but then they told me it would cost $200 a month for a membership. That’s just out of my price range. I mean, who can afford that for a gym? It’s insane,” said White, as she climbed into her fully loaded 2018 Jeep Wrangler she purchased last month.

“I really want to get more fit and all, but I have a limit financially,” she said. "I told the coach I needed to go home and think about it, but I know I'm not going to join."

White said she expected the cost to be around $45 to $60 a month, similar to the community center she has been paying, but not attending, for the last three years. Though she has been paying each month, the last time she worked out there was in 2016, she admitted.

“That’s why I thought CrossFit would be good—because there’d be someone to coach me and hold me accountable. I need that. I'll never stick to it without a coach. I know that about myself,” she said.

About whether she thought it might be worth it to pay more for a coach than for her current gym, where she receives zero advice whatsoever, the high school teacher shrugged and said, “Honestly, I would have considered it but they didn’t even have a teacher’s rate. I thought that was kind of disrespectful. When I asked the coach about a discount for teachers, he looked confused and asked me: ‘Why should teachers get a discount?’”

White added: “It was as if I had asked a weird question. I mean, some places just give teachers discounts. It makes sense, doesn’t it?”

As to whether she thinks she could eliminate some other unnecessary expenses in her life to make room in her budget for CrossFit, White was adamant that she is already very careful with her money.

“I mean, I’m about to book a 6-week trip to Australia but I was brought up to value traveling. It’s about personal growth, you know? It’s an important part of life," she said.

What about booze and coffee?

“Well,  I guess I do spend $5 to $10 a day on her morning Americano and my afternoon latte or two, but that’s only $10 a day max, and trust me, you don’t want to be around me without coffee,” she said.

Her new plan: Postpone getting fit for another year. Or until the CrossFit gym starts giving teachers a discount.

“It’s frustrating and I'm super disappointed because I really want to get fit, but it’s just not in the cards for me right now," White said, adding, “I’m about to meet a friend for some drinks. That will make me feel better.”