Tracking Your Exercise Routine Can Boost Your Performance

She enjoys a refreshing jog

In one of our recent blogs, we wrote about the positive impact our new Conquest software can make on athletes and the boxes where they get their sweat on. One of Conquest’s highlights is its tracking feature. Tracking allows athletes to measure their progress in the gym or while doing exercises on their own. A recent report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that 60 percent of American adults track their diet, exercise and overall fitness, while 30 percent track other health measures.

So, what exactly are benefits of tracking one’s exercise regimen? We have a confession: the study above also shows that half of the adults who track do so “in their heads.” With everything else that’s going on in life, that doesn’t sound like a very efficient way to track, does it?

Writing down one’s nutrition/exercise information or using an online tool/app to track it leads to a degree of accountability. When a person has something more than him/herself to report to, this increases follow-through. When a friend or competitor is added into the mix, this accountability is taken to another level, and it’s even easier to gain the motivation needed to meet your goals.

Overall, tracking our exercise helps boost our confidence and place our focus on what’s still needed to reach our ultimate goals.

So, which features do you need a tracker? Are you interested in tracking your steps, your sleep or your overall performance? If you’re at a box every day, it’s likely the latter. You’ll want to know how you progress each week, each month and over a year’s time.

In addition to athletes using the service for themselves, boxes can take advantage of Conquest to track all athletes’ progress and inspire friendly competition. The feature is also available from our Conquest Events package, which is focused on tracking athletes’ progress at obstacle course races and more.

Do you currently track your exercise performance? What tools do you use, and how do they help you? Leave us a comment, and let us know!