Three Reasons you should use SweatWorks for your Event’s Registration and Leaderboard

By: Emily Beers

In a survey of 250-plus CrossFit athletes, spectators and fans, respondents agreed having a live leaderboard is a necessary component to hosting a great throwdown.

This is where SweatWorks comes in: Through their Conquest Events software, SweatWorks helps with your event management— specifically with registration, live event scoring and athlete tracking.

Organizers who have used SweatWorks agree one thing that makes SweatWorks great is the fact that it’s not a start-up company fumbling their way along trying to figure things out as they go. They are a team of seasoned veterans, who have been working with other sports—triathlon events and adventure races, like Spartan Race, Battlefrog Series and Ragnar Relay—for the better part of a decade, helping with website design and development, chip timing, registration and live scoring.

Nutts Cup 2014

Don’t wait for the awards ceremony to inform your spectators who won. Use a live leaderboard.

Throwdowns who currently use SweatWorks for their CrossFit athletes are well-known events like the OC Throwdown in Costa Mesa, California and Beast of the East in East in Windsor, Connecticut, an event whose 2013 champion was two-time CrossFit Games silver medalist Matt Fraser—among many other smaller events.

3 Reasons How SweatWorks Can Help Your Throwdown?

3. Simplify Your Life

The logistics of running a competition can be daunting. If some of the tedious details can be taken out of your hands, you’ll be able to focus on the competition floor and on running a smooth event. The last thing you have time for in between workouts is muddling your way through judges’ scoresheets and calculating results on old-fashioned spreadsheets.

Your athletes and fans expect more from your event: They want up-to-date results so they can follow along as your event progresses.

2. The SweatWorks Touch

SweatWorks Director of Events Brian Vagini said what sets SweatWorks apart is the kind of support they offer to their clients.

“We have a full-time staff to handle everything from division changes for athletes to providing refunds—if the organizers allow it—to helping organizers point their event domain to our registration page,” Vagini said.

David Israel is the organizer belong the Elysian Games, an annual throwdown in Seattle, Washington that hosts 500-plus competitors. He uses SweatWorks for registration and for a leaderboard and said it makes his life as a stressed out organizer much easier.

“They are available to me 24 hours a day. I once wrote an e-mail to them at like 2 a.m. and got a response back in 10 minutes,” Israel said of how SweatWorks goes above and beyond the call of duty.

He added: “It’s easy-to-use software (and) they have an actual phone number you can call and talk to a real live person. Most providers don’t.”

1. Boost Your Donations and Sponsorships

One of the challenges—borderline hassles of hosting an event—is searching for donors and sponsors to provide products and prizes for athletes. If you use SweatWorks, you won’t have to work so hard for products, services and prizes.

SweatWorks has an exclusive partnership with the clothing company HYLETE, for example, which will provide gift cards for prizes at your event. Similarly, they work with—the number one website to advertise your throwdown. Through this partnership, SweatWorks offers additional promotional options—again preventing you from having to seek out sponsors and donors for your event.

Recommended By Christopher Galvan

Christopher Galvan is a throwdown organizer, who uses SweatWorks for the multiple events he hosts each year through his company, Trinity Competitions. Three of his events are Duality, The South Central Invitational and Alamo City Throwdown, all of which are held in San Antonio, Texas and accommodate 350 to 600 athletes.

If you’re hosting a large event, using a service such as SweatWorks is “crucial” to the success of your competition, Galvan explained. He calls SweatWorks a “one-stop shop for registration and scoring” and recommends it to anyone hosting an event, not just because of the easy-to-use software, but also because of the customer service, and because of how SweatWorks invests in their clients’ events.

“They are like a partner in the competition with me. We both want it to be a success,” he said.