The McEnroe-Williams Debacle: Just because you want it to be true doesn't make it true

Ok, I had to ring in on this one:

In an interview last week, former tennis start Johnn McEnroe was asked if Serena Williams is the best tennis player of all-time.

He qualified his answer by saying she was the best FEMALE player.

To which the interviewer replied: Some wouldn't qualify it. Some would say she's the best player in the world. Why qualify it?

To which McEnroe said: Oh, she's not - you mean the best player in the world, period.

Interviewer: Yeah - best tennis player in the world - you know, why say female player?

McEnroe: Well, because if she was—if she played in the men's circuit—she'd be, like, 700th in the world.

From there, all hell broke loose and the world started hating on McEnroe. As these things always go, eventually McEnroe gave a half-assed “apology” of sorts:

"It would have been better not to have said it. I didn’t realize it would create something like this,” he told ESPN.

"It would have been easier to leave it. Look, she's a great player and it's apples and oranges."

What kind of a world do we live in that blasts people for telling the truth?

For those who are offended by McEnroe’s comment, do you think he’s wrong? Do you think Williams could keep up with the men on the men’s circuit? (If you do, you’re delusional). Or do you just wish he was wrong, and you just don't like that he spoke the truth publicly?

There’s a reason men and women play on different circuits: If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be any females playing in any of the big tournaments.

What in the world is wrong with being the best FEMALE player of all time?

Serena Williams’ net worth is $150 million. She is world-famous. She’s the most dominant female tennis player of all time (and might be the most dominant male or female player of all-time). If she dominated another, less progressive sport like hockey, as a female, nobody would even know who she is. (Dare I say this: She's damn lucky she chose tennis: A sport that treats their women well).

She’s a serious female athlete. As a male, she would be mediocre.

Why get upset with that? Why not celebrate what an amazing FEMALE athlete she is.