The Evolution of the Whiteboard and Leaderboard for CrossFit and Other Functional Fitness Competitions

Leaderboards and whiteboards are a staple of CrossFit and the greater functional fitness community. Both show you where you stand among the pack and illustrate the progress you’ve made along the way. They can leave you feeling like you’ve accomplished more than ever or like you’re at the bottom of the barrel. Its results can make or break your day.  

Whether you’re a big fan of the leaderboard and whiteboard (It’s fun to be on top!) or hate it with every ounce of your being, you’re probably also the first to admit that it has a clear purpose: to create friendly competition across your box and inspire CrossFitters to work harder on their WODs. Everyone wants to be a rockstar, and whether you reach the top spot or not, in CrossFit it’s all about trying to push yourself to achieve as much as is physically (and safely) possible.

The Whiteboard for CrossFIt & Other Functional Fitness  Comps

CrossFit event leaderboards are digital versions of a box’s less-technical WOD tracking tool: the physical whiteboard. Participants  and coaches write down their scores as WODs are completed, and every day the whiteboard is erased to make room for the next day’s WODs.

As you can imagine, digital beats physical in this area. In addition to being extremely ineffective (who’s counting his or her reps properly?), the whiteboard doesn’t help athletes grow over time in the same way a fully trackable digital board can. Most CrossFitters can’t remember all of their WOD rep counts on a daily basis—let alone track them over a week, month or year.

The Leaderboard for CrossFIt & Other Functional Fitness  Comps

The leaderboard, for its part,  can be an effective tool for athletic growth when used properly. With SweatWorks’ Conquest, CrossFitters at events have the opportunity to see live scores, track their progress over time, manage participants, and more. Our unique chip-timing feature showcases how the leaderboard can evolve across the functional fitness community. Many of the same features can also prove useful at your box–where it’s time for the whiteboard to return to 1995.

To learn more about how you can harness the power of a trackable leaderboard and other innovative tools for CrossFit and other fitness comps, contact SweatWorks today. The members at your box will thank you!


P.S.: Stay tuned for a future product launch from SweatWorks: the Conquest For Affiliates platform. This platform will have a comprehensive WOD tracking feature for box owners who are interested in putting out their daily results to the community. That’s what we call innovative.