Teen Gauntlet Gears up to be a Premier Event for CrossFit Teens

If you really wanted to trash your body, you could find and compete in a CrossFit throwdown pretty much every weekend of the year. And while the market might be saturated for adult CrossFit athletes, the market that caters to teenagers is not. In fact, you could argue teen competitions are slim pickings.

This is the void 26-year-old Connor Martin and his company Compete Elite is hoping to fill with his Teen Gauntlet event, a world-wide test of fitness for anyone between the ages of 12 and 17.

Like many competitions these days, the Teen Gauntlet starts with an online qualifier this November, with the top qualifiers advancing to the main event at CrossFitCentral Houston in Texas in January.

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Though this isn’t the first time Martin has organized and hosted the Teen Gauntlet, the event is taking a new format this year.

“We used to have host locations and a bunch of gyms hosted the event and we had a worldwide leaderboard, but this is the first year we’re having one final event at one location,” he said.

For Martin, running an event just for teens was a no-brainer. CrossFit has been a huge part of who he is for more than half his life: He started training when he was just 12 years old, and became a four-time Regionals athlete—two team and two individual appearances. CrossFit helped shape him in his formative years, he explained, and he’s excited to provide an opportunity for current teenagers to experience the same.

On top of devoting his time to building his throwdown into becoming a premier event for teens, Martin also runs a programming entity called Compete Elite. This past year, a handful of his athletes competed at Regionals, and he coached two teenagers at the CrossFit Games. Being in Madison is part of what made him realize the ongoing need for a teenage-only event.

“I was so impressed watching the teenagers at the (CrossFit) Games this summer. But since there’s so much to watch in the individual competition, the teens end up getting overlooked and almost become a side show not many people pay attention to," he said.

He added: "I think it’s important that teens get more exposure so everyone can see how amazing they are, so I want this to become the event that showcases how great these teens are. t’s designed to highlight just teens. It's their show.”

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