Taking the First Step Toward Olympic Gold: Introducing the Spartan Combine SGX

How does fitness giant Spartan determine which of its participants rise above the pack? The Spartan SGX Combine—a series of events around the country that judge athletes on their strength and physical prowess to determine the best of the best and prepare for the Spartan World Championship.
Spartan’s biggest goal has always been to get its sport to the Olympics, and the Combine is the first major step in making that happen. Every sport has its form of athlete development, sponsorship and scouting, and this is Spartan’s. As an added bonus, smaller, regional Combine events, such as the event that took place this recently (July 14-15) in Palmerton, PA. The Pennsylvania event was the second in this year’s series, and it helped prep athletes for this year’s Spartan World Championship, as well as determine some of the best functional fitness competitors around.
At Combine events, Spartan participants are judged through traditional fitness tests, such as the broad jump and a 40-yard dash, along with Spartan-specific obstacles such as the bucket carry and rope climb. Both men and women compete for a $1,000 cash prize, with one woman and one man rising to the top. At the Palmerton event, Orla Walsh and Mccauley Kraker took the top spots respectively. (You can see the remainder of the leaderboard, here).
SweatWorks is the official scoring and technology partner of the Spartan SGX Combine. In addition, we support Spartan’s many other races and events through registration, photography, scoring and website development. The recent Spartan SGX Combine, in particular, featured a live Conquest leaderboard, as well as event photography.
Spartan isn’t the only big name in fitness with which we partner. SweatWorks continues to build our name as a go-to company for scoring, registration and beyond in the fitness industry. For more information about how you can get started doing more with your event or box, contact us today. And for more on Spartan events and other fitness events large and small, be sure to follow SweatWorks on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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