SweatWorks’ Conquest WOD Creation & Tracking Feature Offers Full Integration

When it comes to CrossFit, it’s all about the WODs, or “Workout of the Day” if you’re a newbie to the sport. Each day, the official CrossFit site launches its own suggested WOD and encourages gym (box) owners to do the same. At SweatWorks, we understand how important WOD creation and tracking are to your box, and we’ve created a product to help: SweatWorks Conquest for box owners.

With Conquest, box owners have the ability to create WODs ahead of time and automatically publish these updates on their website and social media pages on the appropriate day. This takes the stress from box owners who typically add their WODs online early each morning.

This system is, of course, a bit more advanced that the typical old-school whiteboard you’ll find in most boxes, and it comes with several advantages. Because members also typically use whiteboards to track their daily feats, things can get a little confusing. Box owners may ask themselves questions like “Which member tracked what today?” and “Is this an improvement from his performance a month ago?”

Conquest erases the need for questions. Members can easily log into the Conquest platform to their workouts and even their daily, weekly and monthly progress, and each day, scores will be posted on an online leaderboard for easy viewing and tracking. Leaderboards can also be filtered to view by day, week or month. This keeps the competition between box members continually thriving because members can see how their fellow CrossFitters are performing and evolving. Members can even go back and re-do and re-track previous workouts to try and improve their scores.

OK, you might be thinking, but how is Conquest different from the other WOD trackers out there? That’s a good question, and we have a great answer. Unlike other products, all SweatWorks’ offerings are completely mobile-friendly. That’s right. Everything is completely integrated. To be clear, that means you can easily track your WODs from your mobile device or tablet. There’s no need to login to your home computer after dinner each night.

That’s good news for athletes who are on the move. According to Nerd Fitness, people who track their workouts get better results because they work out more consistently and feel competitive against themselves above all. After all, who’s better competition than you?

Have questions about what SweatWorks’ Conquest can do for your box and its members? Contact us, today.