SweatWorks’ Conquest Offers User-Friendly Class Creation & Sign-Up

What are you looking for in a software platform for your fitness organization? If user-friendly class and WOD creation and sign-up are on your list, you’ll want to look into our Conquest for Boxes box management system. Though this platform has many stellar features, today we’ll focus on class scheduling in particular.

Conquest gives you the ability to easily track everything you need to know about your members—including which classes they’ve signed up for in the present and their class/WOD history. Within the administrator classes report, you can see these classes laid out by month, along with how many members participated and how much money was collected.

On the member side of things, signing up for classes or WODs is easy through the Conquest platform, which allows you to share your class schedule (searchable daily, weekly and monthly) on your website and your company Facebook page. Members can also share which classes they’ve signed up for on their personal social media accounts.

When members do sign up for classes or WODs, they receive a timely email notification, as well as a second notification closer to the time the class actually takes place. If a user is unable to make it to a class for any reasons, he/she can also easily cancel through the Conquest platform. Members can also see their upcoming classes in their personal Conquest profiles.

For trainers, class schedules work the same way. Trainers can see which classes or WODs they have coming up and the members that will be attending them. If a trainer wants to share/his or her specific classes for the day via social media for promotion purposes, that’s also an option.

We spent nearly two years with box owners and athletes to find out what is most important in box management software. If you haven’t tried Conquest yet, now’s a great time to do so. Contact SweatWorks today for additional information.