SweatWorks Captures Exciting Obstacle Races—One Photo at a Time

Many of you may already have heard about our exciting line of fitness software products, which allow athletes and boxes to succeed and push past their biggest limits to reach their goals. But what many people don’t know, is that we’re also on-hand to photograph some of the biggest fitness races across the U.S. (Check out some of our photo examples, below):


From Spartan races, to mud runs, to CrossFit events large and small, SweatWorks is there to capture some of the most epic moments in fitness. We employ top-notch photographers to take all of our event photos, and we provide them to race participants and their social followers at no charge. If you want more than the high-res digital photos, there are options for additional photo products, including custom graphics and wall decals.

Did we mention that SweatWorks has the fastest photo strip uploading tool in the world? This speediness makes it especially easy to get all of your fitness event photos—fast.

And, there’s no need to search through hundreds of photos to find your (or your friend of family member’s) bib number anymore. We provide event participants with wristbands that contain RFID chips. These chips allow us to easily track athletes and provide them with their scores, performance and photos. We also have an excellent search platform to help you sort through those hundreds of photos in seconds.

In addition to being beloved by athletes and their family and friends, photos also help event-hosting companies increase conversion rates. When athletes share their photos with others via the built-in social media sharing app, they expose the event to more fitness fanatics, and they sign up for the next event because it looks so cool!

What do you think of our photos? Would you like to see them at the next event you’re hosting? Contact SweatWorks today for more information about what we can do for you.