Meet Teen Gauntlet Winner: 13-year-old Gianna Sabatini

She’s only 13 and has only been doing CrossFit for five months, but that didn’t stop Gianna Sabatini from all but dominating the recent Teen Gauntlet online qualifier. Check out full results here.

Sabatini, who trains at CrossFit Vertex in Olyphant, Pennsylvania, placed 1st on four of the six events, and was 2nd on the other two.

On top of being a budding CrossFit star, the five-foot teen is also a level 10 gymnast and she runs track—400 m and 800 m distances. And in just five months of CrossFit, the tiny Sabatini already has a 140 lb. clean, a 100 lb. snatch and a 175-lb. back squat.

Sabatini admitted she was surprised to win the recent qualifier: “I didn’t know what to expect, but I thought this would be a good way to gain experience in preparation for the Open,” she said.

When she first started five months ago, Sabatini wasn’t thinking about the Open. She signed up as a way to cross train for other sports, she explained.

“I started because my parents and I thought CrossFit might help me with track. I continue to do it because I love it. I may not love it while I’m in the middle of a very tough WOD, but I love the feeling of accomplishment I get after finishing it,” she said.

Sabatini also already has some lofty goals in her new sport.

“A short term goal of mine is to give it my all in the Open. It would be amazing if I could make it to the online regional qualifier,” she said.

More than anything, though, she is just stoked to keep improving and hitting PRs. What the sport has given her already in such a short period of time is nothing short of remarkable.

“I would encourage other teens to CrossFit because it has definitely made me stronger both physically and mentally. It is such a good feeling when you can see that you are getting stronger everyday,” she said.