Learn About SweatWorks’ Event Registration Options


What do you look for when you’re registering for an event? You probably just want it to be simple, quick and completed as soon as possible so you can get on with your day. You probably also want a confirmation e-mail and plenty of payment options. These are exactly the priorities your consumers have concerning event registration, and SweatWorks has the answer.

In addition to offering all of the above, from the backend, your business will need to have the ability to easily collect data. Our registration form builder provides fitness-focused companies:

  • Radio buttons, Check boxes, Drop Downs and other important elements that assist your attendees in filling out forms
  • Integrated iCal support

These features will help you easily keep track of your attendees’’ data, and our customized platform keeps your brand in-tact.

After your attendees register on the Conquest Events platform, it’s simple to track such information as registration info., events joined, and payment status. We even make it easy to send customizable payment reminders and receipts and add/edit attendee records and payments.

But, what makes us special? Why should you choose SweatWorks instead of a popular event registration platforms like Eventbrite or Active? One major benefit: cost. With Eventbrite, for example, Payment is less integrated — registrants must go outside of the site to Paypal or Google Checkout to finish their transaction. At that point, Eventbrite will bill your organization at 2.5 percent of the registration price, with a minimum of $0.99 and a maximum of $9.95 per registration. As an added “bonus,” host companies must also pay the standard PayPal or Google Checkout fees.

SweatWorks, on the other hand, charges 2.0 percent + $1.50 per transaction and comes with half as many features. You also won’t have to pay those PayPal fees. And, Eventbrite is one of the cheapest. Other registration platforms (like Active), charge at 6.75 percent.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up attendees for your next big event or fitness class, today, and do so affordably. Contact Sweatworks for more information.