Gearing up for the Games? We’ll See You There!

The Reebok CrossFit Games is the highlight of the year for the functional fitness community. This year, the Games will take place July 21st-26th, and here at Sweatworks, we’re anxiously awaiting our trip to California.

The CrossFit Games represent one of our favorite parts of the year because they put us in the middle of all the functional fitness action and reminds who and what we’re working for. From event registration and online leaderboard scoring, to honoring special requests from our clients across the fitness community,  (Think Spartan, CrossFit, BattleFrog, OCT and more!) we’re dedicated to meeting your needs through innovative technologies and a passion for fitness.

So when you visit the Games this year (or you’re following along online or otherwise), SweatWorks asks you to do something pretty simple:

Think about where your fitness platform is now. Is it nonexistent? Is it lacking the tools you need to make you and your athletes effective? Or are you truly satisfied?

If your answer to these questions are less than satisfactory, consider spending some time with us at this year’s Games for a quick chat about how we can help your fitness organization become the best it can be. Or, for a simpler route, contact us online or by phone at 866-864-8930 (Extension 701). We’ll be happy to answer your questions or talk about fitness—even if you aren’t interested in our services.

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We’ll see you at the Games!