Event Spotlight: 3 Fitness Events You Won’t Want to Miss

Here at SweatWorks, we work with a number of large fitness events across America to provide innovative registration and scoring. Today, we’d like to introduce you to three of those events: the Super SteelFit Championships, the Masters Throwdown Series and the Elysian Games. If you’re a part of the functional fitness community and haven’t had the opportunity to check these three events out, we definitely recommend doing so. Super SteelFit Championships: The 2015 series of events represents the third consecutive year for Super SteelFit. The events take place across the state of New Jersey, with the best athletes from each qualifier event participating in the final event on the Jersey Shore. The winner is crowned as the “most fit” athlete and wins a sizeable cash prize. SweatWorks is working with Super SteelFit to ensure that all qualifying scores are accurately tracked so that the correct participants make it to the final round, which happens June 20, 2015. Masters Throwdown Series: Age is just a number in the Masters Throwdown Series. With competition age categories ranging from 35 all the way to 60+, it’s a competition for those who are older and wiser about fitness. Each competition has a

specific set of workouts which is released shortly before the event takes place. The MTS takes predominately takes place online, where SweatWorks ensured all workouts were posted properly and all participants had access to as much information about the process as possible. In addition, we provided the ability to upload videos for judges to corroborate the scores provided by participants, ensuring scoring accuracy. Because it allowed registration, judging and scoring to happen online, the MTS had an excellent turn-out across America. Elysian Games: The annual Elysian Games take place in Seattle, Washington. Divisions include: Men, Women, Children and Teams. During the event, each athlete will competes in 3 or 4 events, sometimes more, two or more WODs and a lift. The complexity of all events are designed around the athlete’s skill level in each division. Elysian Games is the largest Crossfit event in Seattle, and it draws competitors from across the globe. Keeping track of these competitors could have been difficult, but the user-friendly Conquest platform from SweatWorks made it easy. In fact, at each of the above events (or series of events), participants had/have the ability register and view scores of all competitors through SweatWorks’ Conquest platform. On the event organizer side, Conquest offers a wealth of features such as athlete and payment management, on-site support and scoring, 24/7 phone and chat support. We even honor additional special requests such as specialized score cards following the event. In addition, event participants are able to use the same platform they did to sign up (via events.sweatworks.net) to view post-event details, including competitors’ scores. There’s never been a more comprehensive fitness event solution. For more information about Conquest for Events or Box Management, contact SweatWorks today.