CrossFit hotel workouts as we know them are Dying

The days of traditional hotel CrossFit workouts are over. You know the ones—the workouts where you find a 4-by-6-foot spot at the end of the bed to hit burpees and lunges and pistols, much to the excitement of the people staying on the floor below. Or if you were really lucky, you could grab some light DBs and squeeze yourself between the couple cardio machines to knock off some thrusters in the generally useless hotel gym.

Not anymore!

There I was riding the hotel elevator in the Alexis Hotel in downtown Seattle for the Cascade Classic—a Sweatworks event—on the weekend and saw this:

'A functional fitness room in a hotel?'

I have to say, I was mildly suspicious, and assumed I might find BOSU balls, physio balls and some yoga mats.

Instead, the functional fitness center at the Alexis Hotel was decked out with Rogue rings, an Assault bike, dynamax medicine balls, a useful set of heavy DBs, and even a climbing wall.


A little research led me to realize this trend of functional fitness gyms might be catching on!

A hotel in Huntington Beach - Shorebreak Hotel - recently remodeled and did this:


Safe to say, CrossFit continues to take over the world of fitness —now, one hotel at a time!