Conquest: Built by Athletes, for Athletes


Looking for a way to attract new members to your box and keep your faithful athletes coming back? Our new Conquest platform (coming soon) could be the answer. From boxes of 15 to boxes with thousands of members, Conquest is a scalable solution built to meet your needs.

Conquest was built with fitness in mind during the entire process. The powerful program allows box owners and box-goers to track, measure, share, challenge and earn rewards on a single platform. From managing classes and fitness instructors to keeping competitive with your friendly box rivals, Conquest offers everything you need in an inspiring box experience.


  • Get feedback on your performance
  • Share your achievements
  • Track progress in and out of the box
  • Register for class and track WODs

Box Owners:

  • Share achievements & track your lifestyle
  • Get feedback
  • Meet other athletes/ box owners
  • Coaches/trainers can easily track their athletes’ process
  • Manage multiple locations, easily

Conquest now includes the SweatWorks Rumble software, which allows users to challenge athletes from their own boxes/boxs and even across the country and the world! Conquest Events will also soon be integrated into the new Conquest platform. It’s our way of offering the most comprehensive programs available to our fitness friends.

Conquest is extremely affordable and offers far more features than its competitors, such as activity feeds, tracking and social integration. After all, why wouldn’t you share your accomplishments with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and/or your other favorite social media network(s)?

Sold on the idea of having everything easily organized at your fingertips? Contact SweatWorks today to learn about how Conquest can make your box experience epic.

Still not sure about a paid account? Try our free version, which includes one to 10 members, free setup/training and unlimited support, today.