Carolyne Prevost's Tips to Maximize Regionals Success

Carolyne Prevost is a veteran of Regional competition—an athlete who keeps getting better each year. She placed an impressive 10th at the East Regional two weeks ago—her best finish being 5th on Event 2. In 2016, she was 18th, and in 2015, Prevost finished 22nd.
While she said she's taking two weeks to recover after her impressive showing, three regions are yet to go. Prevost took the time to offer her top 3 tips to athletes competing in the West, the Meridian and the Atlantic this weekend.


Stick to your own game plan! This is a tip you hear over and over from Regionals and Games athletes. Why? Because it's really, really hard to do. Even though you know there's no point in pushing yourself beyond your physical potential, in the heat of the moment, holding back is incredibly difficult. 
"I was in a heat with some pretty fast girls and I certainly didn't want to start doing higher sets of movements to keep up with some of them," Prevost said. 


Again, this goes without saying, but time and time again on the battlefield athletes are tempted to rush reps to save time, which sometimes results in no-reps. Prevost admitted she struggled with this.
"Really make all your reps count. So many people, myself included, lost valuable seconds in these WODs becxause of a few no reps. In a tight race, a few seconds is sometimes the difference between almost 10 places in a workout," she said.


Although you know you should take the time to recover proerly, sometimes when the event ends for the day, all you can think about is getting the F out of the building so you can get dinner and rest, and you end up rushing your cool down. Prevost warns not to do this.
"As the weekend (went) on, I definitely got pretty sore. I wish I would have cooled down better and recovered faster with some nutrition to avoid more soreness," she said.
More than anything, though, Prevost reminds this weekend's athletes to absorb the experience no matter how you're doing on the leaderboard. 
"Enjoy the experience and meet new people, too," she said. "The weekend goes by so fast."