CanWest Games Predictions: Women

The CanWest Games are just a week away.

The workouts have been announced for next week's three day event, and you’ll be able to follow the SweatWorks leaderboard here. Or, attend in person (buy spectator tickets here).

Last week I predicted the men’s top five. This week, the women. Without further ado:

5. Janine Walinski-Shillington:

Walinski-Shillington is a true warrior. She competed at Regionals with her team this year less than three months after giving berth. She’s the epitome of the saying, 'When there’s a will, there’s a way.' Never is this more true than when you watch her compete fearlessly.

“I do realize I'm still like four month post-baby and I’m not in my best shape ever. But I'm wanting to test to see where I'm at,” she said.

4. Deanna Schaper-Kotter

Possibly the most naturally-gifted athlete on the floor—give her 10 different sports, and as long as it’s not a small person’s sport like gymnastics, this girl will dominate in a hurry. And she wants revenge after getting knocked out of the first event at Regionals this year.

“My soul was crushed but it didn’t break me, even though I thought it might,” she said. “Leading up to Regionals, I thought I would want to quit CrossFit if I didn’t make it through the first workout, but the exact opposite happened.”

She added: “I certainly took some time after Regionals to go a bit lighter on training, make terrible food choices and indulge in some tasty beverages, but as most CrossFit athletes can probably relate, the drive comes back pretty quick."

This will probably just means she'll be fresh and ready to go next weekend.

3. Charli Anobile

Like Schaper-Kotter, Charli Anobile competed at her first Regionals as an individual in Portland last month, where she placed 17th, and is ready for more, more more.

“I left Portland feeling satisfied with my performance, but hungry for more, “ Anobile said.

"My goal is to stay mentally focused throughout the weekend’s many events and compete hard in order to advance to the final event, where I hope to leave it all on the floor for a chance to stand on the podium.”

2. Deanna Meredith

This girl is wise and experienced, not to mention with a great balanced attitude—probably the reason she has had such a long regional career and continues to improve each year.

Two years ago, she spent a good deal of her time training powerlifting and competed at the World Championships.

"Last summer, I drank every day and couldn’t be bothered to workout more than two or three hours a week," she admitted. "This year, I trained consistently leading up to Regionals, and felt good afterwards.”

Though her motivation has changed from year to year, her goals are always the same:

“Enjoy the training process, stay focused, do the best I can in competition and have fun while I'm there,” she said.

So many years into CrossFit, she said she's in a great place leading into next weekend:

“I think I realized this year just how much I love competing. I don’t stress out about things anymore,” she said. “I do it to continue to get better and to enjoy the process of training and challenging myself.”

1. Caileigh McDade

McDade has competed at Regionals for three years in a row, and is starting to look like a veteran. She placed an impressive 15th this year. It’s obvious when watching her that she has been on a smart path to success: Everything she does, she does well. You won’t see her doing any sloppy movements. She just keeps chipping away and getting better, and I sense she’s about to have an even bigger breakthrough.

Good luck ladies!