7 Reasons you should sign up for a competition ASAP!

If you’re a business owner, you might sometimes wish there was less competition in your industry. But secretly you know competition drives you to be better, more innovative and less complacent in order to stay relevant in your field.

The same is true for your fitness: One of the most important concepts of CrossFit is the idea of testing yourself, and of measuring your fitness for life. What better way to do this than a competition?

(Take one scroll through our Facebook feed and you’ll see competition/throwdown options are plenty these days! From possibly less-intimidating online competitions, to recreational throwdowns with scaled divisions to elite-level events, there’s something for everyone).


You don't need to look like this to compete...

Not sold? Here are 7 reasons everyone should try to compete at least once!

7. Identifies your strengths and weaknesses

Whether a physical weakness or an emotional one, competitions always expose where you need to get better. It will give you feedback on what’s working and what you need to add/delete/substitute in your training.

6. Stops complacency

This is especially true if you’ve been struggling for motivation in recent days/months. Signing up for a competition will breathe new life into your motivation bank, which is only going to help your long term fitness.

5. Surprise yourself

Competition has the potential to lead to personal bests, especially during events like max lifts. In training, you might find yourself scared to get underneath a 150-lb. clean, but all of a sudden the adrenaline of competition takes hold, you forget all about your fears and your body is able to do things you didn’t think you’d ever be able to do. There’s a reason CrossFit Games athletes are able to PR their clean and jerk on the third day of a gruelling four-day competition.

4. Scary and challenging

Scary and challenging are what make life exciting. When was the last time you felt butterflies in your stomach? If you can’t remember when, sign up for a competition and you’ll be sure to get that rush.

3. Overcome fears

Your worst nightmare might show up in a competition. Maybe that’s a 5 km row, or a 10-km run. You’ll panic, but you’ll find a way to do it. Overcoming that fear will only build your confidence, not just in the gym, but in life, because the next time something comes up that scares you, you’ll be able to draw on your fitness competition experience for inspiration to conquer.

2. Earn yourself a cheat meal!

Going through 3 or 4 workouts in one day, or possibly 5 or 6 in one weekend depending on the competition, will definitely earn you a night of guilt-free indulging in delicious foods and drinks! And a beautiful rest day the next day!


1. “I regret having put myself out there in that competition.” - Said nobody ever!

Competing is just like going to the gym: Even if you’re dreading it or are scared, you always feel better about yourself after!