5 Ways to Stay Motivated This Holiday Season

It’s that time again. The turkey. The stuffing. The piles and piles of delicious holiday desserts. Your mouth is saying yes, but your waistline is saying, “Enough!” And with such a busy schedule, it can be easy (and tempting!) to skip on your usual workouts—meaning you’ll likely add on even more pounds and become even more out of shape. (Most importantly, think of what you’re doing to the inside of your body!) You need a way to keep your motivation up and your pants size down.

Five Ways to Stay Motivated During the Holidays:

  1. Make exercise “dates” with your loved ones: If you’re spending quality time with your family and friends anyway, why not hit the gym or pavement and sweat it out together? Some would say there’s no better way to bond!
  2. Keep the intervals coming: Strapped for time? Boost your workout power by incorporating intervals—the easiest way to achieve maximum output in a short amount of time. You’ll also strengthen your heart and keep it healthy. Try to work in 20 minute exercise intervals five times a week. That’s less time than it takes to eat that big holiday meal!
  3. Turn your chores into a workout: Getting ready for holiday visitors? Grab a vacuum or a broom, and get moving! Every time you finish a chore, “reward” yourself with 50 jumping jacks or 30 squats. You’ll be fit in no time!
  4. De-Stress with yoga. The holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but we all know they can also pile on the stress! Take some time for yourself, grab your yoga mat, and turn down your stress levels, while also getting a great workout.
  5. Make it a competition. Who doesn’t like a little competition? Whether you choose to fight the battle against yourself, or choose some fitness-loving friends, make the holidays a time to host a fun bet concerning who can work out the most. Loser buys lunch, or drinks for the crew. If you’re going at it alone, reward yourself with a fun (healthy!) treat.

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