2015 Orange County Throwdown Recap

A few blog posts ago, we wrote about looking forward to the upcoming 2015 Orange County Throwdown (OCT). This exciting event took place January 9-11th in Costa Mesa, California, and it far exceeded our high expectations. There were some huge surprises, some past winners who came back to dominate and some very famous faces amongst the competing teams. If you missed the event, or even if you’d like to read about the highlights, we have them for you here:

  • The gorgeous CrossFit star Jackie Perez (@jackie585) held her own in the competition, making everything she did look easy. She didn’t place, but she still crushed it.
  • The amazing Lindsey Valenzuela (@liftlikelindsey) took first place again this year in the women’s bracket of the competition, which no one was shocked to see. If anything, Lindsay is only getting better!
  • The woman who placed second in the women’s competition, named Meaghan Gonzalez (@meaghangonzalez), was an unexpected winner, crushing more well-known names in the CrossFit space and really tearing it up on the mats. We predict a bright future ahead for Meaghan!
  • Two of the top male winners, Brent Fikowsk (@fikowski) and Australian Ben Garard (@bennygarard) are huge in the CrossFit space, and we weren’t shocked to see them take the podium this year.
  • Some of our favorite (and most popular) teams were as follows. We were watching these men and women closely throughout the competition: X-treme RX, Team Nutriforce, Team Wfit and team RomWod—and it’s a good thing we were paying close attention. At this year’s OCT, we got to see an intense tiebreaker for the top team spot, which was determined by whichever team had earned the most first place positions across the competition.
  • For us, one of the biggest highlights was that we had over 15,000+ visitors on our live leaderboard, powered by our Conquest for Events software. We were excited to host that many unique visitors at one time!

These are only a few of the highlights from the 2015 Oct, and we already can’t wait to see what happens next year! For more amazing fitness updates, be sure to stay tuned here with the SweatWorks blog.