10 Moments in a Morning in the Life of an Affiliate Owner

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Owning an affiliate is a bit like parenting: It can be challenging at times, frustrating at others, and is always full of not-so-glamorous moments. Sometimes it make you want to rip your hair out; other times you find yourself questioning your decision to leave your good-paying career for this.

But in between those frustrations and growing pains, every now and again there’s a beautiful moment—more beautiful than you ever could have imagined when you made the decision to pursue this dream—and you find yourself temporarily at peace.

A Morning in the life of an affiliate owner: Moment-by-moment (entirely based on true stories)

10. (5 a.m.) Wake-up Call:

At 5 a.m. you get woken up from a deep slumber to a text from your morning coach telling you he can’t coach the 6 a.m. class.

9. (5:40 a.m.) Well-Intentioned Post-it-Note:

You arrive at at your box and discover a post-it note on the keyboard of your computer, with a note written by the coach who locked up the night before, informing you there’s a flood in your bathroom. The note includes a smiley face after the word “flood.”

8. (7 a.m.) F*** Group-On Down the Street:

You sit down to read your e-mails and find once from the person you spent an hour with doing a one-on-one introductory session two days ago. He tells you he’s going to the gym down the street for fundamentals because this other gym is offering a group-on for $10. He reassures you your coaching is far superior and that he will be back to start group classes with you after he finishes his more-affordable fundamentals over there.

7. (7:02 a.m.) Passive Aggressive Entitlement:

(Recently, you decided to start selling athletic tape to your members as it has been costing you $2,000 a year to supply it for free). Another e-mail is from a current client complaining about having to buy his own tape for $4 a roll.

6. (7:15 a.m.) Squats Gone Bad:

You decide to squeeze some heavy squats into your morning— as you have 45 precious minutes of free time before the next class—and during your warm-up, a time stealer client approaches and talks your ear off for half an hour.

5. (8:15 a.m.) Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss:

During class, a member, who has been attending for a year, asks you how much her bar weighs.

4. (9:00 a.m.) Absurd Requests:

A man walks in to your box expressing interest to join. The he asks: “I noticed you have a student rate and a military rate. Do you have a teacher’s rate, too, by chance?”

3. (9:30 a.m.) Loss:

Your one full-time coach, who is actively pursuing coaching as a long-term career, tells you she’s moving to another city 200 miles away.

2. (10:00 a.m.) Coach-Client Gone Bad:

You discover another one of your coaches slept with one of your most loyal clients.

But just as your patience is growing thin, you get that other kind of moment:

1. (11 a.m.) The Peace:

A client approaches you on the floor and taps you on the shoulder. Thirty pounds lighter than she was when she arrived a year ago, she gives you a tight hug. “I got my first pull-up last night,” she beams. “Thank you. For everything.”

In this moment, you know exactly why you’re doing this. And you know it’s all more than worthwhile.