We are SweatWorks

We are a team of developers, designers, project managers, and thinkers spread around the world across 5 locations and 3 continents. We deliver big ideas and even bigger results with more agility and efficiency than larger digital agencies. We succeed because we are good, not because we are big.

Founded in 2012, SweatWorks is a creative digital agency headquartered in Virginia, minutes from the nation's capital. We’re a team of thinkers, creatives and technologists who share an insatiable thirst for creating kick-ass interactive products. 

SweatWorks is the leading technology company in the fitness industry. Chances are you have used our technology at a gym, box, event, mud run, or simply for tracking your workouts. We have created some of the most innovate products for the racing community and now we are bringing our passion to excellence to CrossFit affiliates.

Our passion lies in fitness but we are so much more. At our core, we’re digital strategists that create and implement extraordinary products for amazing clients. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with clients to deliver digital solutions across web, mobile and all digital devices in between. From social networks to apps to complex content management systems, we have the capabilities to produce anything digital. Don’t present a challenge to us, we’re dangerously digital and we create solutions where they don’t currently exist…that is the power of SweatWorks.

Athletes Want Results Immediately, Why shouldn't you give it to them?

We have worked with leaders in the racing community, startups, Fortune 500 companies, and large fitness events. If you share our desire to inspire athletes to reach their full potential, you are in the right place.



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Mohammed Iqbal


Mohammed Iqbal strives to enchance the lives of people. He believes that knowledge is the only barrier that prevents people from leading healthy lives. He founded SweatWorks to create elegant and functional technologies that would engage, motivate and inspire people to lead better lives.
Since its inception in 2012, SweatWorks has grown from a fitness app company to a multi-faceted, digital agency with offices around the world. As the founder and CEO of SweatWorks, Mohammed drives strategy, creativity, and innovation, as well as embodies the core values of the agency: staying healthy and active.
SweatWorks works with the largest events and brands in the fitness / wellness category. With the introduction of several ground-breaking technologies, Mohammed and SweatWorks are paving the path for more accessible and engageable fitness.

Meet the team

Only the highest quality work goes into each and every product we make. This is because we only work with people of the highest quality.

We Follow the Agile Process Model

We believe that answers are sometimes discovered during the process of making. Ideas that surface between the cracks of things we're creating. A discovery that requires us to pivot. Our agency model is aimed toward exactly that. Starting with a sound strategy, but with a strategic process that never ends but stays intertwined to everything we do. Smaller modules and components broken into sprints so that we can test, evaluate and measure our ideas coming to life.

SweatWorks is our go to technology agency at Spartan. Supporting everything from our website, CMS, eCommerce, Amazon Servers, social integrations, athlete profiles, race technology, photos and more. They are available round the clock and proficient in virtually every area.

Nick Howell


“I have to tell you, I didn’t expect this at all. I am really thrown back by you guys. It is Sunday night at 9:30 and I am talking to a support person. You guys are amazing. I host the largest event here in the NorthWest each year and will be pitching your company to all of my event groups. You really do an amazing job. I really truly am impressed with you guys. Thank you again for everything!”

David Israel


“SweatWorks has created the ultimate platform for event organizers with Conquest Events. They were able to handle our registration and scoring with ease. It saved hours a day from deal with customer service issues related to registrations. Having them on-site for scoring was paramount to the success of our event.”

Andrew Gamble

Founder - CrossFit Reign’s Gulf Coast Gauntlet


Are you passionate about helping people lead a healthier and more sustainable life? Do you love working with the latest technology that is years ahead of anything else on the market today? Are you just awesome but not challenged at your current 9-5 routine? SweatWorks is always looking for talented people to join our team of developers, designers, sales agents, and just awesome people.

We currently have openings in the following positions:

Sales Agents

SweatWorks is looking to expand its reach into the crossfit and fitness communities through an international network of Conquest agents. If you are interested in representing the next generation of technology for boxes and events, we want to hear from you! We have a rewarding agent program to help us.

Design and Front End

Design is at the core of everything we do. We are looking for talented designers who also have front end coding experience with knack for simplifying process and minimal design. We use several design and coding suites including data visualization tools.


Are you interested in breaking new ground and working with the latest development stacks? We are looking for developers with senior js experience to work on our Meteor.js and Node.js projects. Experience working in LAMP and MEAN stacks are a plus!