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Technology Is Changing the Future of Fitness Events

The fitness experts at SweatWorks spent years developing Conquest Events software, a comprehensive event management tool for the fitness industry

SweatWorks’ Conquest Events platform routinely handles multiple fitness events across several regions at one time

We’ve registered 30,000+ participants in one weekend alone on more than one occasion. Other fitness software companies are lucky if they hit this number over a year!

Conquest Events embeds directly onto your event website, giving your participants a smooth registration experience without ever leaving your site which is important for both you and your sponsors. Participants, for their part, can begin creating teams and inviting fitness friends within minutes.


See why Conquest Events fitness software is trusted by the largest functional fitness events in the world!


Create and setup your events for free. We don’t charge a monthly fee. You can charge our service fee to participants or absorb them yourself. We even have a pay by check option!

Event Management Solution

Organizers, Athletes, Judges, Spectators, Parking, and Venues all managed in one platform. Know where your registration stand in real time – all the time.


Our powerful reporting engine can be setup to work for you. View your registration performance in a spreadsheet, graph format or export it to a platform of your choice. We can also setup registration alerts.


Don't worry about managing your own registration process and dealing with customer services questions. Our customer satisfaction team is here to make sure that you and your participants are taken care of.

Events photos

SweatWorks has developed the most advanced event photo management platform into Conquest Events. Whether you are a functional fitness event, a 10k or an obstacle race, our platform is designed to help expand the reach and exposure of your brand through the most visited section of your website after your event. Learn how you can use our photo technology to help increase retention and conversion of your participants.

We have a world-wide network of photographers who you can work with to create a lasting experience for your event participants. We are the only photo platform that allows participant recognizing through various methods so that they can find their photos and share them.

Give your sponsors expanded presence with your event through branded photos that are posted and shared everywhere!


See why Conquest Events fitness software is trusted by the largest functional fitness events in the world!

Live Leaderboard

No more paper calculations or spreadsheets. Tracks WOD’s through an iPad or other mobile device and watch the leaderboard change in real time. We also integrate with chip timing for timed events

Athletes Profiles

All Conquest Events users will get a free athlete profile that captures all of their event action in one place.

Live Scoring

Over the last 3 years Conquest Events has become the leading, and only true, live scoring leaderboard in functional fitness. Combined with our leaderboard app, your participants and spectators will have unparalled access to real time event analysis.

Video Upload feature for online competitions

Have you ever considered live streaming your event or making video a part of your event experience? Do you have an online competition that requires participants to upload a video? Our flexibile video platform is integrated into Conquest Events to support virtually any type of competition.


Registration + Scoring



Fundraising discount




2% + $1.50

Athlete or Team


CC Processing fee

Separate charge, not included. International rates may be higher.




Fundraising discount




Conquest Events, along with our sister site RXCompetitions, is the most far reaching event and participant platform in functional fitness.

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If you are looking to feature your event, ask us about our slider advertising program. With over 30,000 visitors a day, you will be sure to get noticed.

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